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Looking for data on crime and social control?

crime small image ESDS guides on crime data

ESDS has produced a series of guides that both introduce and provide guidance on various ESDS services. In addition to showing how to navigate online systems for finding and exploring social science data and documentation held by ESDS, some of the guides include exercises that are used in ESDS hands-on workshops. Other guides provide a more in-depth exploration of issues pertaining to using data by research themes, software packages or data analysis techniques. Listed below are ESDS guides related to crime data.

guide icon Thematic guide: crime and social control (using qualitative data)

guide icon Analysing crime data with Nesstar (Video)

guide icon Measuring Crime (Question Bank Commentary)

guide icon Accessing the Scottish Crime and Justice Survey through Nesstar (video)

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Here are some links to get started with the service:

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