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Re-using Data on Young Lives and Imagined Futures: A Timescapes and ESDS Qualidata Joint Seminar

Date: 15 November 2010
Location: University House, University Road, University of Leeds

On 15 November 2010, Timescapes and ESDS Qualidata will be holding a one-day seminar at the University of Leeds on Young Lives and Imagined Futures: Analysing and Re-Analysing Narrative data on Young Lives. futures

There is a growing interest in uncovering the life trajectories of young people through the use of temporal methodologies. Among these, the future is a powerful but neglected site for discerning young peopleís changing aspirations and life chances, with the potential to reveal the seeds of social change (Barbara Adam and Chris Groves Future Matters: Action, Knowledge, Ethics, Brill 2007).

Taking the future as its starting point, this seminar explores data on young peopleís orientation to their future lives, gathered through a range of historical and contemporary studies, including the National Child Development Study, Ray Pahlís Isle of Sheppey study, the British Household Panel Survey and childhood and youth projects within Timescapes.

As well as engaging with time and young lives, the seminar will explore cutting edge methodologies for primary and secondary analysis of historical and contemporary datasets. Speakers include Jane Elliott (London, Institute of Education, Centre for Longitudinal Studies), Ingrid Schoon (London, Institute of Education), Graham Crow (Southampton, National Centre for Research Methods), Heather Laurie (Essex, Institute for Social and Economic Research), Ros Edwards and Susie Weller (London South Bank University), Jeni Harden, (Edinburgh Napier, Centre for Research on Families and Relationships), and Sarah Irwin and Mandy Winterton (University of Leeds).

Bursaries are now available for research students and early career researchers to attend this event. If you would like one of these, or if you have already booked in but would be eligible for a free place, please apply to Bethany Morgan Brett as soon as possible.

There is a non-refundable fee for this workshop of £30 for HE/FE students, and £60 for non HE/FE participants. Hardship waivers are also available. Places are limited so booking is essential.

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