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Search and browse qualitative datasets

ESDS Qualidata has catalogued a range of qualitative datasets. Many datasets are available directly from ESDS Qualidata in digital format while others are 'virtual' and available from our partner archives.

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Browse for qualitative data sorting by date released (study number), title or the year the study was undertaken. Results are displayed highest first:

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Virtual datasets

ESDS Qualidata works with other archives in order to make qualitative datasets more widely available. In some cases, collections may have been acquired, processed and catalogued by ESDS Qualidata but are now made available through other archives (e.g. British Library Sound Archive). These datasets are referred to as 'virtual' datasets. Most often, these collections exist only in non-digital paper format (paper, analogue audio etc.). Users can also browse these archive holdings.

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Pioneers of Qualitative Research
Pioneers of Qualitative Research

British social research experienced an unprecedented flourishing from the 1940s to the 1970s.

This site takes a look behind the scenes through interviews with researchers who pioneered various qualitative methods.

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