ESDS has moved to the UK Data Service. Users registered with ESDS - what you need to know
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ESDS Qualidata has joined the UK Data Service.

The UK Data Service provides a single point of access to a wide range of secondary data, including the same Qualitative or mixed methods studies, along with supporting documentation, guides and specialist support. You will also find access to other data types, including UK Census data.

Here are some key links that will help you find data and resources formerly provided by ESDS Qualidata:

In addition, please see the FAQs for ESDS users for information on how the move to UK Data Service will affect the way you access and download data.

ESDS is now part of the
UK Data Service

These ESDS web pages will remain during the transition, but may not be up to date.

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Here are some links to get started with the new service:

Pioneers of Qualitative Research
Pioneers of Qualitative Research

British social research experienced an unprecedented flourishing from the 1940s to the 1970s.

This site takes a look behind the scenes through interviews with researchers who pioneered various qualitative methods.

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