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UK Data Service co-signs the Denton Declaration on open data

Article dated: 8 November 2012

Matthew Woollard, Director of the UK Data Service and its long-established infrastructure, the UK Data Archive, is the latest to join other forward-thinking individuals, invested in the value of research data, in signing an open data manifesto known as the Denton Declaration.

The declaration originated in May 2012 at the University of North Texas, USA, where a group of technologists, librarians, scholars, researchers, university administrators, and other stakeholders gathered to discuss and articulate best practices and emerging trends in research data management. This declaration bridges the converging interests of these stakeholders and promotes collaboration, transparency, and accountability across organisational and disciplinary boundaries.

Five simple statements stand at the heart of the declaration:

  • open access to research data is critical for advancing science, scholarship, and society
  • research data, when repurposed, has an accretive value
  • publicly funded research should be publicly available for the public good
  • transparency in research is essential to sustain the public trust
  • the validation of research data by the peer community is an essential function of the responsible conduct of research
  • managing research data is the responsibility of a broad community of stakeholders including researchers, funders, institutions, libraries, archivists, and the public.

These declarations are supported with 13 specific principles and 7 intentions that guide how signatories will communicate and advocate for these declarations in their professional roles and responsibilities.

The declaration was named after the Texas town where the University of North Texas is located.

This signing augments the UK Data Service's commitment to the principles of open access for data. In October 2011 the Archive and its data service ESDS publicly endorsed a set of open metadata principles designed to unlock the description information about digital content, articles, books and research in an effort to make those resources more visible.

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