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Date: 13 February 2009
Location: Royal Statistical Society, London

This event on 13 February 2009, hosted by the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), is aimed at UK librarians from across the academic, public, private and voluntary sectors whose role involves advising members of their organisation, researchers, teachers or students, about how to access economic and social data. The ESDS is a national data service providing access and support for an extensive range of key economic and social data, spanning many disciplines and themes, including health-related data.

Participants will learn about the data and user support materials and resources provided by the ESDS and its affiliated data services (including and History Data Service) and have the chance to evaluate services and provide feedback.

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Delegates will have the opportunity to network, and will be invited to join the ESDS Social Science Data Resources (SSDR) site representatives network, whose members help promote the ESDS at their institution. SSDR representatives are currently restricted to librarians at academic institutions, but the ESDS is keen to extend membership to librarians from other sectors. This event will act as a forum for SSDR representatives and other interested parties to express their views on how they wish to see the network develop.

The detailed objectives of the event are to:
  • raise awareness of the ESDS range of datasets, which includes both quantitative and qualitative data
  • demonstrate how data can be searched, browsed and analysed online using a variety of resource discovery and data analysis tools
  • highlight the latest innovations on the ESDS web site (including theme-based pages), designed to help users find and analyse the data more efficiently
  • showcase the wide variety of data support materials produced by the ESDS, including learning and teaching materials, newsletters, etc.
  • advise delegates of training events that ESDS organise, potentially at the delegates own institutions

The meeting will consist of: oral presentations and demonstrations on ESDS and its affiliated data services; a syndicate session; and invited talks by Jude England of the British Library and Stuart Macdonald of EDINA/Edinburgh University Data Library.

The meeting is free to attend, but places are limited so booking is essential. If demand is high, places may be restricted to one participant per institution. Lunch is provided.

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