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Cross-national harmonisation

Many of the UK's major longitudinal studies are - broadly and with caveats attached - equivalent to surveys in other countries. Even where they are not broadly equivalent, particular survey questions/modules may be comparable with questions/modules asked in other national and international surveys.

Ideally, this equivalence is by design (ex-ante harmonisation). Where it is not by design, it can be the product of efforts made after the data were collected (ex-post harmonisation).

This page lists a number of key, cross-national, longitudinal data harmonisation projects (mostly ex-post) and points users in the direction of data and resources created by these projects.

Birth cohort study harmonisation data/resources

Socio-economic/multi-purpose panel harmonisation data/resources

Longitudinal study of ageing harmonisation data/resources

  • Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) | SHARE is a cross-national longitudinal study of ageing, covering respondents aged 50+ in 18 European countries. Whilst the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) is not formally part of SHARE, both projects have maintained comparability through harmonisation. Note: Registered ESDS users may request access to the ELSA portion of the data from a project to harmonise ELSA Wave 2 and SHARE Wave 1 (both 2004) data undertaken by Valeria Bordon at the University of Mannheim. Contact for further details. The SHARE portion of this joint database can be accessed via CentERdata.

General cross-national harmonisation data/resources

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