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Birth cohort studies workshop - tracking Scottish lives

Article dated: 2 February 2012

The UK is particularly well-resourced in terms of longitudinal studies, and birth cohorts in particular. The 1946 (British), 1958 (British), 1970 (British) and Millennium (UK) cohorts provide a series of rich resources for understanding the physical, cognitive, social and economic development of four different generations.

On March 29 2012, ESDS, the Centre for Longitudinal Studies (CLS), ScotCen Social Research and the Glasgow Social Statistics Group (supported by AQMeN) are hosting a one-day workshop at the University of Glasgow to showcase the UK's birth cohort studies for the purposes of understanding Scottish lives.

The workshop will consist of a morning of presentations followed by an afternoon of hands-on sessions, and will cover the following studies:

  • the 1958, 1970 and Millennium birth cohort studies
  • Growing Up in Scotland (GUS), Scotland's own cohort

For the British/UK cohorts - which have smaller Scottish samples than GUS - the workshop will place a special emphasis on how comparisons can be made between the lives of the Scottish cohort members and those in the rest of Britain/UK.

This is one of a series of events, organised by ESDS and partners, in support of the ESRC's Secondary Data Analysis Initiative. These events are designed for researchers who are not current users of these data resources, and who wish to apply for grants under this Initiative. It is not suitable for students.

The workshop is free to attend but booking is essential. Cancellations must be received within 5 working days of the event, otherwise a cancellation fee of 25 will be charged.

For further details and booking form, see the link below.

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