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Housing and the Local Environment Theme: Surveys

The table below summarises the key Government surveys on Housing and the Local Environment. They are categorised into surveys with information primarily about housing including house conditions, surveys about the local environment and other surveys with a small number of theme-related questions. Note that some of the housing surveys also ask questions about the local environment.

There are a number of other surveys that cover sub-national regions of the UK. These are not included in the table.

You can search our index of publications for Government surveys that cite content about Housing and the Local Environment.

Summary of the main large-scale UK survey datasets available on the theme of housing and the local environment


Main topics


United Kingdom


Costs associated with housing



Surveying and house condition

British Household Panel Surveys 1991-2008 (a cohort study)

Living Costs and Food Survey (LCFS) and Expenditure and Food Survey (EFS), 2000-ongoing / Family Expenditure Survey (FES), 1961-2000

Survey of Mortgage Lenders 1992-2001 / 5% Sample of Building Society Mortgages, 1974-1991

Poverty in the United Kingdom: a Survey of Household Resources and Standards of Living, 1967-1969

Consumers’ Association Surveys – Surveyors Survey 1969 (Note that the sample is not representative of the UK population)

Great Britain


Local Environment

Local Environment

Local Environment

General Household Survey 1971-2006 (GHS) (now the General Lifestyle Survey, 2008-ongoing but only available under Special Licence (GLF))

British Social Attitudes (BSA) Survey, 1983-ongoing

Young People’s Social Attitudes Survey, 1994, 1998, 2003

Opinions and Lifestyle Survey (formerly the ONS Opinions Survey and ONS Omnibus Survey) 1990-ongoing

England and Wales

House conditions

Local Environment

Local Environment / Crime

National House Condition Survey 1967 (NHCS)

Citizenship Survey/ Home Office Citizenship Survey (HOCS), some years 2001-ongoing

Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) (formerly the British Crime Survey (BCS)), 1982-ongoing


Housing and house conditions

Local Environment

English Housing Survey (EHS), 2008-ongoing Survey of English Housing (SEH), 1993-2008 /English House Condition Survey (EHCS), 2002-2008

Place Survey, 2008


Housing and house conditions

Local Environment/Crime

Local Environment

Scottish Household Survey, 1999-ongoing

Scottish House Condition Survey, 2003-ongoing

Scottish Crime and Justice Survey (SCJS) and related surveys, some years 1993-2006 and 2008-ongoing

Scottish Social Attitudes (SSA) Survey, 1999-ongoing


Housing and house conditions

National Survey for Wales (NSW), 2009-ongoing /Living in Wales (LIW) (or the Welsh Household and Dwelling Survey), 2004-2008

Welsh House Conditions Surveys, some years 1968-1998

Welsh Social Survey 1992, including Welsh House Conditions Survey 1992

National House Condition Survey, 1967(NHCS)

Northern Ireland

Housing and house conditions

Local Environment

Local environment/crime

Northern Ireland House Condition Survey, some years 2001-ongoing

Northern Ireland Continuous Household Survey, 1983-ongoing

Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey, 1998-ongoing /Northern Ireland Social Attitudes Survey, 1989-1997

Community Attitudes Surveys, 1992-2002


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