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Thematic Guides

Employment and the labour market introductory user guide

PDF, Word
An introductory guide to using the large-scale government surveys for employment and labour market research. It provides an overview of data sources with hyperlinks to various documents available on the web.

Analysis Guides

Analysis of the LFS using STATA

PDF, Word
An introductory user guide to the statistical package STATA, which uses the 2002 Labour Force Survey to demonstrate STATA functions.

Resources for those working between seasonal and calendar datasets

The LFS moved from Seasonal to Calendar quarters in 2006 and as a result of this process a number of variables have been dropped from the Calendar datasets. More information about this is available from our website. A page which lists each calendar dataset with the corresponding seasonal datasets is also available.

LFS Teaching Datasets

A LFS 2002 teaching dataset is available (Study Number: 4736). The dataset can help class tutors to incorporate empirical data into their courses and thus develop students' skills in quantitative methods of analysis and their knowledge of large-scale government surveys. Information about the variable derivations is available as a STATA .do file or a text file.

A Quarterly Labour Force Survey, June - August, 2005: Ethnicity Teaching Dataset is also available.

Derived Variables

We compiled detailed information about variables that are consistent over time on specific surveys, including the LFS.

Comparability with the 2001 Census

We created some look-up tables to show the comparability between the 2001 Census variables and the variables available from the large-scale government surveys.

The Labour Force Survey and the Census both provide information on the labour market within the UK. The differences between estimates from these sources are examined in this ONS article.

Publications citing the LFS

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Special Licence for the LFS

Some QLFS files are now available under Special Licence. This special licence version contains the same content as the QLFS end user file but has additional geographical information at the local authority level. A list of the variables available in each file is available in this Excel file.

ONS Online Guide to Labour Market Statistics

The Online Guide to Labour Market Statistics provides easy to use online access to an immense range of information about the concepts, sources, methods, data and publications used for ONS's labour market statistics.

The Labour Market Statistics, January 2013 contains the latest estimates for employment, unemployment, economic inactivity, claimant count, average earnings, labour productivity, vacancies and labour disputes. The estimates are used by a wide range of users, particularly across government and the media, to monitor developments in the labour market.

There is also an ONS Labour Market theme page containing data, publications and guidance and methodology.

Mail Lists

UK Data Service JISCmail list

Labour Market Statistics User Group JISCmail list


A collection of acronyms used on our website

Other Relevant Documents

  • The new ethnicity classification in the LFS, Labour Market Trends, December 2002, page 657: PDF (ONS - added 25 August 2011)

  • ONS guide to the classification of ethnic group in the LFS: PDF (ONS - added 25 August 2011)

  • The classification of ethnic groups (archived): HTML (ONS - added 9 November 2011, updated 25 July 2011)

  • ONS guide to regional and local labour market statistics: PDF (ONS - added 25 August 2011)

  • Annual local area LFS data for 2000/01, Labour Market Trends, January 2002: PDF (ONS - added 25 August 2011)

  • LFS historical supplement 2008: PDF (DETNI - October 2008)

  • ONS guidance on the use of LFS micro data pending full re-weighting following the 2001 Census: PDF (ONS - added 25 August 2011)

  • LFS: regrossing and seasonal adjustment, Labour Market Trends, vol 110, no 5 (archived) : HTML (ONS - added 9 November 2011)

  • National Statistics Quality Review Series Report No. 12: Review of the Labour Force Survey (Released 4 September 2002): Word (ONS - added 9 November 2011, updated link 29 August 2012)

  • Methodological issues in the production and analysis of longitudinal data from the LFS, GSS Methodology Series, Number 17: PDF (ONS - a