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By Principal Investigator(s):
Links to publications can be found on the National Archives webarchive page for the Citizenship Survey. The Consultation outcome: the future of the citizenship survey statement can be viewed on the website.

Prime, D., Zimmeck, M. and Zurawan, A. (2002) Active communities: initial findings from the 2001 Home Office Citizenship Survey, London: Home Office.

Farmer, C. (2005) 2003 Home Office Citizenship Survey: top-level findings from the children's and young people's survey, London: Home Office/DfES.

Department for Education (2011) Citizenship Survey young person module: technical report for pilot study, Research Report DFE-RR094A.
Resulting from Secondary Analysis:
Platt, L. (2006) Assessing the impact of illness, caring and ethnicity on social activity, CASEPaper 108, Centre for Analysis of Social Exclusion, London School of Economics.

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Kaufmann, E. (March 2007) A dying creed?: the demographic contradictions of liberal capitalism, ESRC UPTAP programme briefing paper. Also available at ESRC UPTAP programme .

A subset of Citizenship Survey, 2001 data has been used for the following textbook:
Tarling, R. (2008) Statistical modelling for social researchers: principles and practice, Oxford: Routledge. ISBN: 978-0-415-44840-6. The book's companion web site includes downloadable datasets and further information: retrieved 26 January, 2009, from

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Zischka L. (2016) The link between 'giving' behaviours and a healthy social environment, Ph.D. Thesis, University of Reading. See record at

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