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By Principal Investigator(s):
Clarke, I., et al. (2003) 'Real choice in food grocery shopping' IN Britain, The European Retail Digest, Oxford Institute of Retail Management, Issue 39, pp.7-13.

Clarke, I., et al. Real competition and consumer choice are located: experiencing long-term retail change’ paper presented at Lancaster University, Sociology Department seminar series, March 2003.

Jackson, P. Consumption and identity: how households choose, paper presented to the Working Group on Health and Low-Income Households, Sheffield, 14 July 2003.

Kirkup, M., et al. Down my street: intra-suburban 'neighbourhood' perspectives on retail choice, paper presented at CIRM Manchester Metropolitan, 2003.

Clarke, I., et al. (2004) ''Real' choice is located: contextualising the 'food deserts' debate', special edition of International Journal of Retail and Distribution Management on 'Food Deserts', 32(2), pp.89-99.

Clarke, I., et al. Retail re-structuring and consumer choice 1: long-term local changes in consumer behaviour: Portsmouth, 1980-2002, paper presented at Special Session, Association of American Geographers Conference (2004) – 'Unpacking Retail: Globalization, Competition and Local Consumption', organised by Professor Ian Clarke (Lancaster University Management School) and Professor Neil Wrigley (University of Southampton), as part of Economic Geography Group, Centennial AAG Conference, Philadelphia, 15-19th March.

Jackson, P., et al. Retail re-structuring and consumer choice 2: understanding consumer choice at the household level, paper also presented at special session detailed above, 2004.

Hallsworth, A., Twenty years of retail change, paper presented at Institute of Directors/Pro-Manchester, Manchester, Feb 26th 2004.

Retail Competition and Consumer Choice, dissemination briefing report presented at Workshop for Business and Policy-makers, Canada House, 8th June 2004. Further details may be found on the Lancaster University Retail Competition and Consumer Choice web page.

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